Friday, February 18, 2011

Recycling equals More your pocket?

Ok so you do a good thing and you should be happy that your only reward is good Karma right? WRONG!!! I mean there is nothing wrong with knowing how to save a buck and reducing your carbon foot print all at once!!! Now you took your savvy skills and bumped them up a notch to a smart and savvy shopper!!! Swoosh did you catch a little rim on that slam dunk? Not for you because your a straight shooter I tell ya!!! Ok so maybe I get a little excited about savings but whats not to love we all want to live life to the fullest and saving money just means you get to do more things on a frugal budget!!!

Here's a quick blurb on each program thanks again to Family Magazine:) for some of these programs!!

Printer and Toner Recycling

1.) Save some green with all that printing you do with Office Max, Max perks ink cartridge recycling program. Learn more here:

2.) Cartridge World. If you live near one of these ink refill centers your in luck. They refill your printer ink at a fraction of the cost it would be to buy brand new. Check if you have one near by and you can also call them and get a quote!

3.) Staples ink and toner recycling program. You get $2 in Staples Rewards.

Make Up

4.) MAC recycles program (MAC make up) return six packaging containers to a MAC counter or online to receive a free lipstick through the Back to MAC program.

Golf Balls

5.) Dixon Golf.Recycle your golf balls at participating stores. receive .50 per ball of any brand and $1.00 for their brand.


6.) Costco's trade in program. Costco has teamed up with Gazelle ,a premier recycling service, to trade in old electronics for a Costco cash card. Items include, laps tops, cell phones, MP3 players, Blu-Ray discs, games and more.

7.)Best Buy Buy Back program. They will buy back old video games, musical instruments and select electronics.

Plastic Bags

8.) CVS. Green bag Tag initiative gives a bonus every time a customer brings a resuseable bag or declines a plastic one. 4 scans = $1.00 in extr care bucks.

Websites that you can earn money or points towards recycling:

Websites and programs that make CENTS...

According to a great little article via Family Magazine I stumbled upon excellent resources that even I, the savvy saver, had no clue about. Yes I know shocking right? As you know I can't keep my mouth shut when it comes to great deals and steals so I am sharing some awesome info with you!!!

Ok so you got an gift card from Aunt Edna and lets just say it wasn't one size fits all? NP Don't get drastic with plastic fever there's a whole jungle out there you may not even of known of!!! Hold your horses people don't go all jungle Jane here its a Plastic jungle of course. Lion, tigers and gift cards O my? Well my jokes are a little flat but I promise you that some of the deals I saw on here were hair raising! I mean with a gift card that's discounted up to as much as 30% off with free shipping? Hmm I'm doing the math here and its equating Cha-ching Bla-bling free dinero's! However back to Aunt Ethels er Ednas? cheezy gift you can sell it on here as well up to 92% of cash value. Not to shabby. But hey I would just save that card in my opinion and buy Aunt Estas-er who evers gift with it because maybe, just maybe it was her taste after all right?

Warning...its a jungle out there .....

Aww too bad so sad you just missed out on the greatest deal like ever on Groupon. Or did ya? Of course not because know me!!!! Your secret insider!! I have a few tricks up my sleeve or maybe on my handy dandy lap top, either way I'm throwing them your way!!! (not literally so you can stop ducking) Here is a website where you can buy or sell deals from daily coupon sites. Wow I like this one ways to save and make money all in one kind of wonderfulness!

Take a peak:)

Ok so you are super savvy and save on every thing like me right? Well are you really getting the BANG for your buck if you bought a cheap item that was ahem actually "cheap"? Really we want to get the good stuff cheap not the cheap stuff well you know "cheap". So do your homework with a one stop consumer shop. With a combined buyer guide and reviews you can make sure your getting what you want not what you "paid" for!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Printable Coupons!!! Todays freebies!!!



New Chiquita Duos B1G1 free

Print all your coupons from one site!!!

Aunt Jemima Face book coupon: $1.00 off two products Click on our Kitchen tab and then watch the video and then request the coupon.


Adopt a pet and get a months worth of Dog food from purina dog food!!! See program details here:

Free pancake day 3/1/2011 at IHOP

Stop bullying campaign material (I ordered this for our girls club)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Retail Rodeo Round up .......

Like sites like Groupon? Sign up for eversave and save 5.00 off your next purchase

Change your location if you do not like that deal for Austin. Currently its $5.00 for $20.00 worth of product from

Yankee candle...B1g1 free!!! RARE! Get two for yourself or put them away as gifts!!!

Macy's Buy jeans get $10.00 towards your next purchase? WOW any jeans apparently. Kids, womans, mens, clearanced etc!!! You get 10.00 per pair of jeans you buy!!! Also save money with a 15% presidents day coupon.
Details: (pg 27)
Coupon is also availbale on thier website!!!

Dollar General, 5 off 25 2/19 only

Clubs to join!!

Krafts first taste!!! Member benefits? You get to try stuff first! Some members (like me) got free philadelphia cooking cream via a mailed coupon!!! You can host cool parties for different themes sponsored by different vendors!! You just provide the pad! So far I got freebies from shutterfly and I am about to host a Zatarains party!!!

Quad/readers club. You get paid with ten free stamps a month! That's enough to send most of your bills out for free every month! Just a few minutes of your time and you will receive mail, like catalogs etc. They will be marked with a number to call. Its an automated number and a quick survey!! Read more here...

You just send an email to

in the subject line write this:
Quad/Readers Mail Decoy Program
Be sure to include your name phone number and address with day/evening number!!

Thanks to

Join General Mills Pssst program. You get free products to try and great coupons!!!!

This one is new to me so I will share with you!! Its the O at home host a party program!!! I don't know what you will/can receive but we all know "O" is anything but cheap!!!

Time for a vacation!!!!

Want the perfect mini vacation with a beautiful destination and an affordable hide away? Look no further than this hip cool new website featuring lavish getaways for not so lavish prices! I have seen fantastic deals including destinations such as the world famous Las Vegas. Book a last minute vacation and save a bundle with deep discounts reflecting yester-year pricing. With prices so good you may even be able to splurge and take home souveniers on this vacation! You must join to be able to take a peak for they cant just offer these prices to anyone however you have to be invited to join! Don't worry you know me and that's enough for an exclusive invite...its free to join so its worth taking a peak!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Coupon Binder details and stacking coupons....

A coupon binder will save you time and money!!! You will need the following to get started:

1.) 2 packs of baseball card holders (at least depending on the amount of coupons you have)
35ct found at walmart. My Walmart carries them up front with the baseball cards not with the office supplies. They are about 5.49 each.

2.) Sheet protectors at least 2 25ct or 1 50 pack depending on sale price. Price may vary I got mine at walmart and its about 4.99 for a 50 count. Feel free to get yours through Staple or office max if you have coupons.

3.) Larger three ring binder preferably one that zips if not a regular one is OK.

You will need to go to this website in order to organize your binder into categories:

I find that I personally like to break them down further in my binder but this is definitely a great start to those of you who are just beginning. Use all 36 categories (yes 36) you will need them to stay organized! On this website it gives you the basics on the how too when it comes to setting up. Trust me it will be a life saver. Until I was introduced by a friend named Sherry I had no clue on how to organize. I tried envelopes, paper clips, folders. I have been saving money for a while now but never as much as I have been with the binder!

Another thing I did personally is inserted plastic folders in my binder where I keep individual store coupons, restaurant coupons, retail etc. I just label mine by store, then rest and retail.

I never shop with a list that I made before seeing whats on sale. I always plan my menus by whats on sale. If you have room you can stock pile items that are on sale. I don't do this often because I don't have the room but if you do great!

Combining coupons

Some of y'all don't know that you can combine manufacturers coupons with store coupons at some participating stores. It may be resourceful to carry the company coupon policies with you in your binder. Some cashiers are miss informed and can give you a hard time. It does not always happen but can happen. I know that Target,Walgreens and my grocery store H.E.B. do have this policy in place if you unsure whether your store does or not you can visit their website and print it out. I would not suggest asking the store manager as they aren't always 100% sure! Believe me I have had to educate a few lol! Let me give you an example of stacking coupons:

ex; Target has colgate toothpaste on sale for $1.99

you have a coupon clipped for 1.00 off

combine with Target coupon for 1.00 off

You get .01 back and the item free!! Its as simple as that. Some stores do not allow you to get cash back but you can at Target. You can find some target coupons in your Sunday flyer's and on their website.

You can also sign up for mobile coupons which do differ from the website!

Stores such as Walgreens and CVS offer register rewards. Often you can get a product for fee or inexpensive and get a coupon with cash value to spend in the store.

Ex: Walgreens Venus 4 pk razors 6.99
walgreens coupon -2.00
Manufacturers coupon-4.00
Register Rewards $4.00

Total cash out of pocket:.99
But you receive 4.00 back in register rewards so you can use this towards your next purchase.

Sometimes I will get the products that have register rewards then use the cash back towards the rest of the items I am getting! Walgreens coupons can be found in thier flyers.

You can also use coupons on clearance!

Example my H.E.B. (local grocery store in Texas) had St. Ives bath wash on clearance for .75. They also had an in store coupon for 1.00 off for a total cash profit of .25 cents!!!

Coupon sources:

Red Plum


Smart Source

Think you don't have time?

Commit don't quit!

Its easy there are websites that do all the work for you! All you have to do is Clip,Click, Print, Shop! What do I mean by they do all the work? They take all the hard stuff and leave you with the fun by doing all the savings calculating! These websites will tell you where to shop, how to shop (what coupons to use), how much your total will be and you can even print a list for each store!!! All you have to do is Clip your Sundays coupons, Click on the website, Print new coupons they tell you to use and your shopping list then your off to Shop! Really its that easy!!!

Love this site in particular:

Use this site as well:

Get your kids involved! They are amazed at how much money you can save and my daughter knows she don't get what she wants unless mom has a coupon so this makes her want to help! She also loves to guess how much we are going to save!! She now looks for the best bargain and is learning to stretch a buck! There are lost more tricks but I hope this helps y'all to get started!!!